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Background Check Policy for Volunteers

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    To provide guidelines for conduction mandatory background checks for volunteers helping with the league.

  2. SCOPE
    This policy applies to all organizations Board Members, Assistant Coaches, and any other volunteer for the League.

    The State Background Check shall consist of the following information:
    • Indiana Criminal History Record Information Check

    The volunteer or prospective volunteer must submit the information to the League's Board, which shall maintain the information as required by law.

    The State Background Check shall be completed by each volunteer at the beginning of each season by competing an application for submission to the State

    The existence of a criminal conviction or a pending criminal charge does not preclude service as a volunteer in all cases. However, certain criminal convictions and child abuse reports, by law, disqualify a person from volunteer service in positions involving direct contact with children or responsibility for the welfare of children. We will consider the relevance of the criminal history of the individual applying to serve as a volunteer, the activities of the volunteer position, and the requirements of Indiana law in determining whether a volunteer should be prohibited for service.

    The nature and seriousness of the offense, the circumstances surrounding it, the nature of the position, and the length of time since the conviction will be considered on a case-by-case basis. When a background check yields unsatisfactory results, volunteer service must be approved in writing by the Executive Board.

    Information obtained in a background check will be compared with information provided by the applicant. An applicant who provides false, incomplete, or misleading information on a profile, resume, application form or in an interview will be immediately eliminated from further consideration for volunteer service.

    The Board will assist volunteers and prospective volunteers in obtaining the required background checks. The League will bear the costs of any background checks that it requires, either by paying the fees required to obtain the checks or by reimbursing the volunteer or prospective volunteer for the fees paid to obtain the checks.

      Have you ever been convicted or pleaded guilty before a court for any federal, state or municipal criminal offense? (Exclude minor traffic misdemeanors). YES _____ OR NO _____
      If yes, please list offense below:______________________________________________

    • Have you ever-received probation or community supervision for any federal, state or municipal offense? (Exclude minor traffic misdemeanors). YES _____ OR NO _____
      If yes, please list details below:______________________________________________

    • As of the date of this consent form, do you have any pending charges
      against you? YES _____ OR NO _____
      If yes, please provide details below:______________________________________________

In connection with my application and desire to engage in volunteer activities, I have been advised an I hereby consent and authorize Greencastle Youth Softball Association and its agents, at any time during or after my application process, to conduct a criminal background check. I do hereby consent the League's use of any information provided on this form or the application form or during the application process in performing the non-employment related background check. I agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless Greencastle Youth Softball Association and any agency used by the them about any information provided by the agency. I have been informed that I will have a reasonable time frame established with the sole discretion of Greencastle Youth Softball Association. I acknowledge that facsimile, copy or electronic version of this form shall be as valid as the original.

Date: _____________________________________

APPLICANT/VOLUNTEER (PRINT NAME) ________________________________________________________________________________

APPLICANT/VOLUNTEER SIGNATURE ____________________________________________________________________________

A PDF copy of this document is available for Download.