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What are the differences between Fastpitch and Slow Pitch?

Fast Pitch softball, also known as Fastpitch is a variation of baseball played on a smaller diamond with a larger, softer ball pitched underhand. Although the pitch is still delivered in an underhand motion, it comes much faster and with a smaller arc than Slow Pitch. In Fastpitch, the pitch is usually delivered in a windmill type wind-up for more power. As the pitches in Fastpitch come in faster, they are harder to hit cutting down on scoring and increasing the chances of double-plays.

A major difference in fast and slow pitch is the ability to lead off and steal basis in Fastpitch. Along with steals, Fastpitch pitch rules also allow runners to score on passed balls. Slow pitch runners are forced to stay on their base until the ball is hit. The ability to leadoff and steal makes Fastpitch closer to baseball in terms of strategy. With stealing allowed in Fastpitch, speed is the ultimate weapon.

GYSA offers Spring Recreational Teams for Fastpitch in four divisions for girls from ages 7 to 16. Each divison plays each Spring with a season ending tournament. Fastpitch seasons generally start in late March and end in early June.

GYSA also offers a Spring/Summer Slow Pitch Recreational League consisting of two divisions for girls from age 9 to 21. The League plays each Spring/Summer with a season ending tournament in both divisions. Slow Pitch practices start in early April with games starting mid May with the seasons generally ending by the first week of July. All-Star teams may be chosen from the league for play in post-season tournaments.

What is the Instructional League?

The GYSA Instructional League consists of players from ages 4 to 6 and is the result of a combined effort between both the Fastpitch and Slow Pitch Divisions. The Instructional League merges the previous Slow Pitch Pigtail Division with the younger age players in Fastpitch.

The Instructional League will focus on developing basic skills for both Fastpitch and Slow Pitch including throwing, catching, and hitting. Additionally, basic game situations will be taught including base running and fielding plays. Batters will have the ability to hit live pitching from coaches in each at bat, as well as have the opportunity to hit off of a tee if no contact is made after a number of pitches.

In order to introduce beginning players to the fun and excitement of game situations, scores will be kept and run rules will be in effect.

When are games played?

Fastpitch games are coordinated and scheduled by the coaches associated with the Western Central Softball League (WCSL). Games are generally scheduled during the week with an occasional Saturday when required. Along with playing locally at Big Walnut Sports Park, Fastpitch teams travel to locations such as Monrovia, Bainbridge, Cloverdale, etc as part of their schedule

Slowpitch games are coordinated and scheduled by the Greencastle Youth Softball Assocation and take place during the week on Monday, Tuesdays, and/or Thursdays. All Slow Pitch games take place locally in Greencastle at Big Walnut Sports Park.

Is it possible to play Fastpitch AND Slow Pitch?

The short answer is YES. The Fastpitch and Slow Pitch seasons are set up in such a way where it is possible to start out playing Fastpitch and then move right into Slow Pitch once the season has ended. Fastpitch seasons generally start in late March and end in early June while Slow Pitch games do not start until late May. You also receive a discount toward the Slow Pitch registration when first signing up for Fastpitch!

How much does it cost to play?

Registration is currently $65.00 per player and $50.00 for each additional child. The Instructional League is $50.00 as there is there are fewer games with no tournament included. A volume discount is also applied when playing in multiple leagues including Fastpitch, Slow pitch, Instructional League, and Greencastle Middle School.

Where do I register for softball?

Online registration is typically available after the first of the year up until opening day for both leagues. multiple open registration events are generally available at the Greencastle McDonalds starting in February. Check out our latest News or Social Media locations for dates, times, and links to our registration flyer.

We are in search of sponsors to partner with, to minimize the expenses for field maintenance, umpires, team jerseys, dugout repairs, lighting of the fields and bleachers. League and Team sponsorship options are available on or Sponsor Us page.

How do I join the Board?

Interested in Joining the Greencastle Youth Softball Association Board of Directors? Board Meetings are generally held on the first Thursday of each month at the Greencastle Starbucks. All coaches and parents are welcome to attend. To see when the next Board Meeting is scheduled, visit our Events Calendar.

How do I keep up on current events?

Following registration, parents will receive a practice and game schedules from their coach. A custom practice and game schedule for a player's team will also be available from within our website. This view will only be available once you've logged into to the account used for registration. A calendar featuring special events and game schedues will also be available from our Events Calendar page.

What equipment will I need?

Each player is required to have her own helmet with chinstrap. Helmets and chinstraps are rquired to participate in all league acitivity, in accordance with the A.S.A rule book. The following are softball glove sizing charts

Under 8
9 to 13
High school or Adult

Players should be able to swing their bat with a smooth level motion when swinging at full speed. The following is a national average for bats.



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