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Coaches Responsibilities

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  1. Home Team is responsible for lining the fields before each game, as needed.
  2. It is the responsibility of ALL Coaches to assist with the fields when they are requiring work for games. This includes but is not limited to: Sweeping water, raking sand, dragging fields.


It is the responsibility of each coach to insure that the trash is picked up and disposed of in the trashcans provided in each dugout.


  1. Verify the catcher’s equipment is correctly put away.
  2. If you find equipment on the floor please pick it up and put it away or turn into the concession stand.
  3. Visiting Team (last of the day) makes sure the all buildings are locked.


The home team head coach of the last game is responsible the lights being turned on & off.

Mail Boxes

  1. Check Mailbox prior to each game and preferably after each game.
  2. Leave mail for Board in proper mail slot.

Bulletin Board

It is the responsibility of each coach to read the bulletin board each game night. Important information, schedule changes, league activities, and other pertinent information will be posted. Once posted it will be assumed that the coaches will notify their teams of the information.


Each coach is to insure that his or her players receive their awards, or that they are returned to the Board of Directors for distribution if they cannot get in contact with a player.

Scores and Standings (Ponytails, Juniors & Seniors)

The head coach of the winning team is responsible for turning in the score to the concession stand following every game.


Both coaches are responsible for emptying the trashcans at the diamond and taking the trash bags to the dumpster in the parking lot.


Each coach is responsible for his or her teams’ spectators.